Highlights and Activities


Consistent with our mission, Catholic-American.org has been involved in many projects and activities, including the following highlights:

  • In February, 2016, Charles travelled to New Hampshire prior to the Presidential primaries and distributed Catholic-American.org’s flyer “Ten Questions Catholic-American’s Should Ask of Presidential Candidates”
    New Hampshire --

    Charles in front of Town Hall in Derry, New Hampshire where he distributed Catholic-American.org’s flyer

    Interview -- Japanese Press --

    Charles answering questions from Japanese Press relating to principles of Catholic Social Teaching which should guide Catholic-American voters

  • Publication of an article entitled “A Guiding Principle to the Debate on Healthcare: The Principle of Subsidiarity” (Published at http://catholicexchange.com/2009/08/22/121321).
  • We jointly sponsored a well-attended debate between Charles Gernazian and Ed Buckner, the then existing President of the American Atheist on the Topic: Catholicism v. Atheism: Which is More Reasonable? (Watch debate here.)
  • In 2011, Charles attended the seminal Courtyard of the Gentiles in Paris, France. Catholic-American.org was one of the few American Catholic organizations in attendance. (Read more about the Courtyard of the Gentiles here.)
  • CLE Seminar

    Charles with Father Bernard Healey (Chaplain and board member of the St. Thomas More Legal Society of Rhode Island) and an attorney member of the Society.

    CLE Seminar

    Charles with Joseph V. Cavanah, Jr., Esq. (Lead counsel for City of Cranston)

    In March, 2012, Charles participated in a Rhode Island CLE Seminar with the attorneys of record in the highly publicized Cranston School Banner Case. Charles was able to present the Catholic-American perspective as to cases on which Atheists seek to eliminate any mention of God in public schools.

  • In October 2012, Charles represented Catholic-American in a CLE event sponsored by the Atlanta Chapter of the St. Thomas More Society entitled: Freedom of Religion: A Catholic Perspective.
  • Charles was a featured guest on Radio La Paz’s show El Padre y El Hijo, and Charles was interviewed by the hosts of the show (in Spanish). Charles was also asked to respond to listener calls (in Spanish) on the Freedom of Religion and the HHS Mandate.


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